Your Scarcity Mindset is Holding You Back from Getting Rich

Does it ever cross your mind how several people can have the same intention, and try the same things in life, yet only one of them can grab that brass ring? Is it sheer luck? Could it be their tenacity? Routinely you’ll find it’s a person’s mindset or attitude that establishes their success or failure.

The Choice to Turn Life Around

You want to know how your scarcity mindset is currently holding you back from gaining wealth and success? Your predominant state of mind can evoke such strong subconscious emotions that it translates into what you think about yourself, focus on, and expect from your daily experiences. Your attitude is what makes the difference. A negative attitude will diminish all your hard work.

When you change your mindset, your power becomes immediately noticeable. It’s like a domino effect. A positive mindset gives you the capability to overlook delays, and continue toward your goals. It makes you brave so you can confront any challenges, and tackle those obstacles. And it helps you keep barriers in perspective, so you’re better able to knock them down rather than giving up. Likewise, think positively; expect the best and focus on a great outcome and you’ll welcome positive results.

Now pause for a moment and consider this: Do you see yourself as a confident person, worthy of great wealth?

If you close your eyes and call up an image of yourself, what does that self-image look like?

Are you passionate about life, willing to speculate and take risks, excited to seize the pleasure, abundance, and wealth you deserve? Imagine translating this vibrancy into endless opportunities for growth and advancement in life. If you don’t envision yourself as being wealthy and successful in life, or at the very least, having the potential to achieve your dreams, it’s probably your own negative beliefs that are creating this stumbling block.

The Foundation Of Success

So many people believe talent is enough to achieve success and great wealth but that’s only a small part of what’s needed, and it’s not the most significant part. If you don’t believe in yourself or your potential, then you’ll probably only foster about 10 percent of your talent in life.

The first step to creating wealth is establishing a “can-do” mindset. You must realize that it is possible to change any circumstance. And the most difficult step will be your first. You must come out of your comfort zone and look into other possibilities. You must conquer your fear and persevere, despite the challenges you encounter.

When you create that positive mindset, you welcome a boost in your self-confidence. You believe in yourself and your capabilities, and there is no doubt you can succeed at anything you put your mind to. Even better, the more invested you become and are willing to try, the more confidence and self-belief you will build – until you’re practically unstoppable!

Starting A New Path

So what’s the quick path to success, or is there even a quick path? It all depends upon what you envision, what you believe you can do, and your strength to achieve greatness. Just telling yourself that you can do it is only a start; what’s the next step? What do you want in life?

If you want a promotion at work but your boss promotes someone else will you give up your dream of moving to the next level? What do you do? Many people will sit and vent about the promotion or how they have been “stepped over” while others will look at what they need to do to move up. Your mindset will determine which path you’re going to take.

The individual with a positive mindset who is self-motivated and ready to achieve greatness will ask their boss “what skill set are you looking for in that position”; “what suggestions do you have to help me move to the next level?”

The individual with a negative mindset will say “I knew they wouldn’t give me that job”; or “I guess I’m not qualified.”

But here’s the crux of the matter, even if you are not ready to be promoted you must have the confidence to take control of your future and say “what do I have to do next to move forward.”

That promotion you didn’t get could be translated into you’re not ready yet. But once you figure out what is needed, will you take that next step?

It may not be easy, but nothing is impossible. With a strong willpower on your side and a positive mindset, you’ll be surprised at how much you can accomplish. It is all within your control.

Positive mindsets are nothing new; it all comes down to believing that you can do it — having enthusiasm and energy in the possibility of opportunities and becoming excited at the notion of success. We all don’t have an angel on our shoulder telling us we can do it, and yelling out encouraging words. Sometimes you just have to embody self-motivation to tell yourself that you can.

Dream and take action to move towards your goals and visions. Take it one step at a time. Remember, even a journey of a thousand miles began with a single step.