Total Money Magnetism

Inside Total Money Magnetism you will discover how to effortlessly re-program your brain into the brain of a millionaire using a proven six-step system. This program has been researched and put together by well-known and respected success coach and multi-millionaire Dr Steve G. Jones.

Dr Jones spent years researching the brain patterns of multimillionaires and used his findings to become a millionaire himself. In the program he uses proven hypnosis tracks as well as other methods to make sure your brain is wired to think like that of a millionaire.

Here’s a small sample of what you will find inside:

  • Learn how to quickly and easily identify both quick cash and bigger, more long term opportunities where before you only saw scarcity, fear and doubt. Using this particular method you will take quick action for only a few minutes every day and see both immediate and long term results.
  • How to clear out all the psychological junk that is holding you back from being a millionaire and get your brain focused only on taking positive action that gets you results.
  • An exercise called the ‘thought virus override’ which will totally re-engineer your brain for success. Many students have seen a boost in income of up to 40% in the first month alone.
  • The 10 secret success principles that all millionaires have in common and nobody is talking about.
  • The secret to making money by doing the things you love. You will over 8 different ways you can make money outside of your job. Then you will learn a proven step by step system to multiple this income without multiplying your workload (meaning you can keep increasing your income on the side of your full time job until YOU are ready to quit).
  • The ‘Millionaire Mind Sculptor Method’ – the final piece of the puzzle. This step by step method will help you continue to sculpt your new RICH BRAIN until it is fast, efficient and powerful. This will give you the energy, clarity and drive to put your path to wealth on steroids.


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