How to Make More Money Using the Law of Attraction

Attracting money and various other forms of abundance can be easy when you fully understand how the law of attraction works. The first step entails visualizing what you want and stating these needs verbally. In turn, your object of desire will fall into your lap. However, reality dictates otherwise.

People who leverage the law of attraction manage to transform their fortunes for the better. On the other hand, the majority of people starting to learn about the law tend to target something in common — money and wealth. The desire stems from childhood as most of us are wired to believe that the wealthiest people have extraordinary talents.

To attract huge wealth, one has to understand that the process is similar to putting together a puzzle. All the essential pieces are usually already in place. Nevertheless, they have to be properly arranged to see the complete picture. An incomplete puzzle or improper arrangement yields nothing.


Importance of positive thoughts

The law of attraction states that giving logical thought to a goal allows you to create or reach that target. Manifesting money is similar to attracting other objectives. I can say without a doubt that since money is a major factor in our lives, many people cannot resist stressing when they feel like concerted efforts are not bearing fruit.

However, worrying about money shortages or failure to turn things around undermines the ability to attract favorable outcomes. Abundance is withheld, thus delaying the process of achieving specific goals. As humans, our actions determine possible and entire life experiences, including the status of our bank accounts. In principle, your logical thoughts are mirrored back to you.

To turn around your fortunes, I recommend tweaking your approach starting with your thoughts. Doing so unblocks your path to wealth and happiness.

Common mistakes people make in attracting money

Some of the common errors I have seen being committed by other people include:

Overly focusing on things one does not want while dedicating less time to things one wants. Self-doubt is also another fundamental problem. Many people just lack the conviction and confidence required to start attracting money. On the other hand, inconsistency is also an issue when it comes to the techniques and effort that one employs.

To ensure success, it is crucial to devote time to the process on a regular basis. Furthermore, allowing frustration to fester is a sure-fire way to block wealth. It is common for people to become worn out quickly by current circumstances. This diverts attention to shortcomings and lack of progress.

On another level, it is important to avoid constantly checking current circumstance to see if there are any improvements. Instead, I would advise focusing energies and time to putting much-needed effort.

In most cases, people are not aware of the self-defeating actions. As a result, they make the wrong conclusions about the law of attraction and give up.

Learning to become the master of your thoughts plays a key role in mastering the ability to attract abundance and money.

How does the law of attraction work?

The law can be viewed as a universal force that reacts to one’s energetic vibes, which are generated by a combination of beliefs, thoughts, and emotions. The underlying principle guiding the law is that positive thoughts attract pleasant experiences and negative thoughts achieve the opposite.

The principle I mentioned above is more general because you can still attract something without thinking about anything specific. One’s thoughts can be aligned with events of a particular frequency. For instance, love, abundance, and joy align with the positive frequency. Conversely, turmoil, problems and financial obstacles are linked to the negative frequency.

Human thoughts have a magnetic element, which attracts similar thoughts. In turn, every thought induces a similar feeling that radiates a signal to the universe. For its part, the universe sends back experiences linked to that signal.

Given this background, it is easy to see how one can get trapped in a negative cycle for years. Strong negative thoughts generate pessimistic feelings.

Breaking the cycle of negativity and lack

To start attracting abundance, it is imperative to believe that money will come. Personally, I have learned that eagerly looking to circumstances improving is a more powerful energy that sends the right vibes to the universe. However, it is not always easy. The process takes practice because bad thoughts attract corresponding thoughts.

Relapses are common because your current circumstance provides a constant reminder of lack and scarcity. There is need to rise above these conditions to maintain a positive outlook and mental control.

The role of visualization

Visualization can provide a viable way to shift negative thoughts to positive ones. I recommend spending between 10 to 15 minutes a day visualizing abundance. The process involves seeing images in your mind but do not worry if you cannot see images. The law of attraction still works even if you cannot form mental pictures. You simply need to feel the essence of your visualizing.